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Top 10 Book Ideas to Inspire Your Life
and the Lives of Others


  1. Overcoming a struggle. We all face heartbreaking challenges – a family feud, death of a loved one, disease or unemployment – but no matter what you have faced, you always come out on top as a better person.
  2. Positive thinking. Share how your positive attitude uplifted you and those around you during a trying time.
  3. Personal development. Whether it took you months or a lifetime, we’ve all encountered a powerful learning experience we wish we could pass along to others. Maybe there are things you would have done differently or maybe others applaud you for the way you handled a situation. Your wisdom can help others grow in similar situations.
  4. Inspirational pet stories. Family pets can bring love and warmth into their owners’ lives. They can also quite literally save lives. Share why your pet(s) will always hold a special place in your heart.
  5. Spiritual discovery. Take your readers on your journey as you reached spiritual enlightenment. You just might instill hope on those struggling to find answers.
  6. The inspiration of a leader. Has your leadership motivated others to take action? Whether you took charge of your daughter’s after school program or volunteered as the head of a disaster relief effort, we all have pride-worthy moments of leadership.
  7. Devoted communities. If your local church, neighborhood or school achieved something great, spread the story.
  8. Mysterious miracles. You know the power of destiny if you’ve ever encountered something that doesn’t exactly feel like a coincidence or you couldn’t quite explain. One thing is clear: there are greater things than us at work in our lives.
  9. Children’s awe. The power of influencing a younger audience can be so fulfilling. Think of the potential you can bring to many young lives as they grow and evolve into faith-filled adults with help from your book.
  10. Recipes that rock. A topic often overlooked is the influence a recipe can hold during a troubled time. Encourage families to cook together. Inspire bickering couples to enjoy a dinner in. Share party tips that can motivate others to join together and celebrate a special occasion or simply “just because.”

Did any of these book ideas spark your interest? Or maybe you have an idea of your own. (And there's no rule against having more than one book idea!) Set aside a little time for yourself, and get started by typing up an outline for your story, or just let the words flow. Your story is too valuable to keep to yourself; share it through publishing and spread joy, hope and inspiration.

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