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How It Works: Self-Publishing in Six Simple Steps

  1. Choose your publishing package. We have a variety of self-publishing packages to fit every author’s needs – you have the option to publish your book as a black and white paperback or hardcover, a softcover color book, or e-book. Publishing consultants can provide advice on which package would fit best with your goals, your book and your budget.
  2. Edit your manuscript. Whether you choose to use our Editorial Services or an outside resource, we encourage all authors to have their manuscript professionally reviewed.
  3. Submit your manuscript. Your check-in-coordinator will provide you with detailed submission guidelines to ensure you submit everything we’ll need to create and publish your book. You can contact your coordinator via phone or e-mail should you ever need assistance.
  4. Design your book. Once your manuscript and materials are submitted, you will be assigned a design team who is committed to creating the cover design and interior layout that you envision.
  5. Approve your book. After your interior and cover designs are complete, you will receive a PDF sample for your review, and you can submit changes if necessary. Once you are pleased with your book, you provide the final approval to publish your book.
  6. Celebrate your success. Once we receive your approval, your materials will be sent to the printer. The first copy of your book will arrive on your doorstep within a matter of weeks. Also, any marketing services you’ve purchased will be kicked off to help you promote your book. Time to celebrate!
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