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Why Publish with Inspiring Voices?

Publishing your book is an excellent opportunity to spread your passion of helping others. People from all walks of life have a story to share with the world, and Inspiring Voices is your light in the confusing and complicated publishing tunnel. We make it easy to get your book in print through our constant support and professional advice. Learn more on why we think you’ll find the inspiration to publish your book with us.

Benefits of Inspiring Voices

Whether your book publishing goal is to offer support, provide encouragement or spread an uplifting story, Inspiring Voices has the answers. With our book publishing and marketing expertise, Inspiring Voices offers you the ease of getting your book in print with professional industry leaders. If you’re ready to share your story with the world, we are here to help.

Trusted Community of Authors. You publish your book with authors who have similar values and outlooks on life as you and your book.

Powerful Support. Our one-on-one author support will help you every step of the publishing journey as you travel closer toward the day you hold your published book in your hands.

Top-notch Marketing Options. You gain access to elite marketing services allowing you to reach out to a vast audience.

You Remain in Control. We’ll offer our professional opinions throughout your publishing process, but every final decision, ranging from font choices in your book to cover design, is in your control.

Retain Your Rights. You created the content of your book, so we think it’s only fair you retain all copyright for your original work after you publish with us. 

Inspire Thousands of Readers. Once you have a published book, your message and story has the potential to encourage thousands through worldwide online distribution.

Just like you encourage others by sharing your life experiences, you should think of Inspiring Voices as your publishing partner here to inspire you without taking control of your book. We know you are passionate about your book, so let us help you make sure it’s published on a professional level with your vision in mind.

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