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Publicity Services

Build your marketing campaign with Inspiring Voices’ integrated services. The time-tested power of classic publicity practices are essential. Little can match the effectiveness of a positive book review in a popular magazine, or the reach and usefulness of a persuasively written press release. A successful book marketing plan will contain at least one core publicity service.

Press Release – Essential Edition 

Your professionally written press release will be distributed to at least 500 media outlets, plus you'll receive one month of news tracking.

Press Release – Web-Optimized Edition 

A Web-optimized, professionally written press release distributed to opt-in organizations and news subscribers through our newswire service Meltwater, plus one month of news tracking is provided.

Press Release – Video Edition 

A custom-made Author Video to be included with your professionally written press release, distributed opt-in organizations and news subscribers through our newswire service Meltwater; the video is also posted on leading video sites.

Kirkus Indie Review 

Have a seasoned book reviewer provide a detailed critique of your work, and you can use positive excerpts on your marketing materials, website and more.