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Manuscript Prep

We take the hassle out of preparing your manuscript for publication by providing services such as scanning, file merging, data entry and more.

Data Entry - Standard 

If worry over losing your manuscript is keeping you up at night, allow our experts to turn your typed and printed manuscript into an efficient and workable digital file.

Data Entry - Spanish 

Allow us to convert your Spanish-language manuscript into a workable and safe digital file.

Data Entry - Difficult 

Our staff can turn your handwritten, faded, damaged or difficult to read manuscript into an efficient and safe electronic file.

Large Image Scanning 

Include smaller sized scans of your large images or artwork within your book.

B&W Image Scanning 

Include crisp, clean scans of your original black and white images or artwork within your book.

Color Image Scanning 

Include scans of your original full-color images or artwork on the covers of your book.

Manuscript File Conversion 

Inspiring Voices will charge a small conversion fee for documents created under such documents as WordPerfect, Word Pad and Microsoft Works.

Graphic File Conversions (Block of 25) 

If you have graphic files (these include graphics, tables, text boxes) that require an extensive amount of work, we can crop, convert color images to grayscale, JPEG files to TIFF files, etc. for you.

File Merging 

The standard manuscript submission process requires that Inspiring Voices receive your manuscript as one file. We offer a file merging service to combine these parts into one document for both editorial services and layout.

Image Extraction 

If you choose to submit your manuscript with the images included in the body of your work, Press must extract these images to properly create a professional layout of your book.