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Interior Page Layout 

Careful planning and execution of the layout of your book is very important. Readers need to be able to easily follow the text of your book. Our professionals will help you create the best layout for your book.

Custom Interior Layout

Certain books may require a specialized layout technician to work with you on your specific custom layout requirements.

Additional Table of Contents (2 or More)

Creating a table of contents for your work will demonstrate to your reader how the information has been organized.

Table Creation

An Inspiring Voices layout specialist will create tables needed to convey information to readers.

Footnote Formatting

We follow the Chicago Manual of Style citation guidelines when formatting and inserting footnotes for you.

Endnotes (End of Chapter)

In order to properly cite your work, endnotes can be placed at the end of your paper or chapter.

Custom Headers

When you publish with Inspiring Voices, you can place one header throughout your book. But, with custom headers your book's headers can change by chapter or section.

Image Insertion

You can insert graphics in your book, including photos, tables, charts and diagrams.

Interior Revisions (Block of 25)

Once you receive your initial book proofs and you wish to make further proofreading corrections after the initial free 50, you must purchase Interior Revisions.