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Self-Publishing Videos

Overcoming Adversity Through Writing

A Search for Purple Cows: A Remarkable Story of Courage, Faith and Hope, by Susan Call, is the gripping story of a woman who overcomes an abusive marriage through faith and the encouragement of Christian radio. Watch the Video» 

The Power of Community 

Margaret McSweeney, author of Mother of Pearl, talks about how the community of Pearl Girl has helped her through her own unexpected grit in life. She also urges writers to not give up and not be afraid to take a step toward publishing their manuscript. Watch the Video»

Writing to Inspire

B.J. Taylor, author of Charlie Bear, explains how Inspiring Voices helped her finally publish her inspirational book about her rescue dog. She encourages others to publish as well. Watch the Video»

5 Writing Tips

Author B.J. Taylor shares five tips that will help aspiring authors improve their writing and pursue their dreams. Watch the Video»

The Importance of Rewriting 

Author Kitty Slattery shares one of her biggest writing tips: rewriting. Watch the Video»  

Is Writing for Me?

Kitty Slattery shares her advice for aspiring writers. Slattery says anyone can be a good writer, as long as they have perseverance and enthusiasm. Watch the Video»  

Sharing Stories of Hope and Inspiration

A writer of inspirational stories, Kitty Slattery has been published in books and in Guideposts Magazine. She shares the benefits of inspiring others through written words. Watch the Video»  

Getting Started and Embracing Fear

Author Kitty Slattery gives advice to first-time authors who are afraid to take the first-step on writing a manuscript. Watch the Video»  

Deciding to Self Publish

Watch author Kitty Slattery talk about her decision to self publish Heart Songs.  Watch the Video»  

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

This short video from Inspiring Voices will help you avoid any potential delays or problems with your manuscript submission.  Watch the Video»  

Image Submission Requirements

Before submitting any images for publication, watch this short video on image submission requirements.  Watch the Video» 

How to Merge Files

This Inspiring Voices tutorial will show you how to merge text files into one, continuous document.  Watch the Video»