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Inspiring Authors

Meet Inspiring Voices authors whose experiences with self-publishing can give you guidance, confidence and support as you publish your own message of faith and inspiration.


Jan Blackburn

A Mother's Tale.

As Jan Blackburn will tell you in her debut book, the kind of maternity perpetuated on 1950s and 1960s television by Harriet Nelson, June Cleaver and Marion Cunningham is no longer the status quo... Read More


Susan Call 

Susan Call won Grand Prize in the 2012 Inspiring Voices Book Publishing Contest.

After attending a women's conference and hearing about the publishing contest, Susan Call entered and won.  Now she inspires women everywhere and encourages others to share their story... Watch Video 


Peggy Frezon 

Write your dog's story.

There are many reasons why you might want to tell your dog’s story. His tale is inspiring. Or funny. Or unique. Peggy Frezon, author of Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw, offers tips on how to write about your dogs … Read More 


Edwin Ray Frazier 

Pastor Edwin Ray Frazier saw a need.

New Christians need extra nourishing during their first several weeks. An English major in college, Frazier was called to use his talents… Read More 


Suzanne Holko 

A Brookfield woman publishes children's a book.

Suzanne Holko wrote Grampy and Me 25 years ago. She was inspired by her daughter’s relationship with her next-door neighbor. The toddler adopted him as her “Grampy.” … Read More 


Kitty Slattery 

My Adventure in Self-Publishing.
A seasoned writer and author finds a way to tell “the rest of the story.”

We are all storytellers. Indeed, there are many who believe that the desire and ability to tell stories is a primary characteristic of being human. There’s a reason God made us this way … Read More